PBS-915 Packing Workstation

Dehnco Packing Workstations are Modular

PBS-915 Packing Workstations are the basic packing station for smaller packing operations.

Key Benefits

Organize Packing Stations Product Flow
Create Maximum Packing Stations Storage Space
Stimulate Packing Stations Organization
Maximize Floor Space
Increase Packing Stations Efficiency
Boost Packing Stations Productivity
Raise Worker Morale
Improve Packing Stations Aesthetics

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Typical Applications

PBS-915 Packing Workstations are the basic packing station for smaller packing operations. The ergonomic size of the bench is ideal for the typical worker. The adjustable legs and components allow all materials and supplies to be positioned within easy reach.

The upper shelf can hold up to six different size cartons up to 30-inches by 30-inches flat size. The closed document shelf allows all small supplies to be stored off the table to increase working space. Both components extend over the top 9-inches leaving a comfortable 24-inch reach for all supplies.

Additional modules can be added to the packing stations for increased storage of materials, supplies and equipment.

General Specifications

  • Above and Below Packing Workstations components can be added or deleted as required.
  • Packing Workstations are adjustable in height from 29-inches to 36-inches
  • All Packing Workstations components are adjustable to accommodate the worker
  • All sheet metal components 14-16 gauge steel.
  • Packing Workstations support up to 1800 lbs.
  • Packing Workstations have rounded edges with inlaid t-molded vinyl edges for protection
  • All Packing Workstations are provided with the highest quality tops.
  • Various Table Tops Available
    1. Laminated, vinyl edged
    2. ESD
    3. Laminated, self edged
    4. Shop top
    5. Butcher block
    6. Metal
    7. Roller bearing

System Components

PBS-915 Packing Workstation
  1. D-9000 Packaging Workstation 83 x 33 x 29-36"H
  2. D-9009 Metal Side Table 24 x 24, with U-Bracket
  3. D-9030 Roll Bar for Tables
  4. D-9031 Cartoning Rack with T-Uprights & 6 dividers
  5. D-9032 Document Shelf
  6. D-9033 Document Shelf Divider
  7. D-9060 Portable Carton Rack, with 5 dividers
  8. D-9092 CRT Unit with pull-out tray attachment
  9. D-9092B Mouse Pad
  10. EC-2436 Cutter Bar & Knife 36" long (24" cutting capacity)

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