Lift Table Solutions

Dehnco Lift Tables are Modular

Dehnco Lift Tables are adjusted to each application based upon the supplies and equipment that need to adjust with the table, the specific flows, processes, the safety of the worker, and the efficiency and productivity of the work required.
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Organize Heavy Duty Workstations Product Flow
Create Maximum Heavy Duty Workstations Storage Space
Stimulate Heavy Duty Workstations Organization
Maximize Floor Space
Increase Heavy Duty Workstations Efficiency
Boost Heavy Duty Workstations Productivity
Raise Worker Morale
Improve Aesthetics of Heavy Duty Workstations



Above Table Adjustable Support

Below Table Fixed Support

Lift Control Presets

Adjust on Demand Lift Table Configurations

Each application determines which supplies and equipment need to adjust with table based on the specific flows, processes, integration requirements, the safety of the worker, and the efficiency and productivity requirements of the work.

Above station components are adjusting on demand

Below station components are at static height

Storage independent of adjust on demand bench

Sit-Stand Workstations

Work Better sometimes means giving our people the ability to adjust from sitting to standing positions throughout the day. There are numerous opportunities and areas that can benefit. Tables are available in a variety of sizes and configurations.

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