Send a Sample for us to Test

Dehnco Cutting Systems

Dehnco cutting systems perform with speed and accuracy across a broad range of material cutting requirements. Send us a sample so we can test your specific requirements.

Key Benefits

Organize Compression Cutter Operations
Minimize Compression Cutter Storage Space
Stimulate Organization
Maximize Floor Space
Increase Compression Cutter Efficiency
Boost Compression Cutter Productivity
Raise Worker Morale
Improve Aesthetics of Compression Cutter Operations

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Send us a Sample Instructions

Follow these steps to send us a sample of your material and let our experts determine which cutting style best fits your needs.


Step 1

Place your sample in an appropriate carton. Please make sure to include enough material for quality testing (send the width of your material X 12-24" long).


Step 2

Ship the Sample to the following address:

Dehnco Equipment
Attn: Cutting Department
300 South Lageschulte Street
Barrington, IL  60010


Step 3

Fill out the Test Sample Submission Form so that our Cutting Department will know to look out for your sample submission.

Contact Us At 1.833.433.4626

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