Pneumatic Shear Style Cutters

Dehnco pneumatic shear cutting system cuts a wide variety of material up to 80 inches wide including paper, plastic, cloth, vinyl, fiberglass and more.

Key Benefits

Organize Rotary Shear Cutters Operations
Minimize Rotary Shear Cutters Storage Space
Stimulate Organization
Maximize Floor Space
Increase Rotary Shear Cutters Efficiency
Boost Rotary Shear Cutters Productivity
Raise Worker Morale
Improve Aesthetics of Rotary Shear Cutters Operations

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Typical Applications

RC-Rotary Shear cutters are used to dispense and cut useable size sheets from rolls of material.

They are typically useful in packaging and production areas to replace box cutters, scissors, hand tearing or other inefficient forms of converting roll material into sheets.

Rotary Shear Cutters are created by positioning the flat side of the rotary cutter blade against a precision machined groove in the base of the cutter frame. As the blade rotates along the groove, the material is sheared cleanly and efficiently.


Part #Description
PDRC-3044 30" material width, 44" assembly width
PDRC-4054 40" material width, 54" assembly width
PDRC-5064 50" material width, 64" assembly width
PDRC-6074 60" material width, 74" assembly width
PDRC-7286 72" material width, 86" assembly width
RC-500 Spare Blade

General Specifications

  • Rotary Shear Cutters are easy to operate and ruggedly constructed for long life.
  • Rotary Shear Cutters can be easily mounted in-line with existing roll storage or can be integrated into any Dehnco table or roll storage system.
  • The knife cuts both directions and has a one year functional guarantee.
  • A built-in roller and separator system accommodates and facilitates the dispensing of up to three rolls of material.
  • The Rotary Shear Cutters blade is durable, easy to replace and can be sharpened many times.
  • Cutters are easy and safe to operate.
  • Rotary Shear Cutters can be equipped to operate with Dehnco pneumatic drive systems.
  • Five sizes are available to cut materials up to 72" wide.
  • Special size Rotary Shear Cutters are available on request.

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