Environmental Awards

We are proud to be recognized for our commitment to sustainability.


Recognition for Our Commitment to Sustainability


2020 Ontario Nature Award

Corporate Award
Calstone was honoured for its work to protect pollinators and promote conservation and education through the Tom Longboat pollinator rain garden.

2019 Pollinator Partnership Award

Pollinator Advocate Award-Canada
The Pollinator Advocate Award recognizes individuals or organizations that have contributed significantly to pollinator species protection, conservation, and public education, resulting in increased awareness of the importance of pollinators. Calstone won this for The Tom Longboat pollinator rain garden.

2018 Partners in Project Green (PPG) Award

Green Business Award
This award recognizes a business that exhibits creativity, environmental stewardship, and leadership in transitioning to the clean economy.

2015 Clean50 Award

The 2015 Top Project Award
This award annually recognizes projects completed based on their innovation, their ability to inform, and inspire other Canadians, from Clean50, an organization dedicated to “Outstanding Contributors to Clean Capitalism”. This was an award for Calstone’s Ponds Project.

2015 Ontario Nature Award

Corporate Award
Ontario Nature protects nature through conservation, education, and public engagement. Calstone demonstrated outstanding leadership and sound action in the environmental field.

2014 Earth day Canada (EDC)

Hometown Heroes Small Business Award
This award was for the many sustainable initiatives Calstone has implemented that concur with EDC Canada’s mission of educating people about the environment while lessening their impact.

2010 The Recycling Council of Ontario

Platinum Award
This was awarded in the “Sustainable Product” category in recognition of our “green” programs and innovative projects to reduce our environmental footprint.

2009 Canadian Council of Ministers of the Environment (CCME)

Pollution Prevention Award in the Small Business Category
CCME recognized that minimizing or avoiding the creation of pollutants and wastes can be more effective in protecting the environment than treating them, or cleaning after they have been treated.

2008 Scarborough Chamber of Commerce 

Business Excellence Award
This award was given to Calstone as the “greenest” company in Scarborough 2008, awarded for our Remanufacturing Program.

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