MS-1205 Receiving Workbench

Dehnco Receiving Workbenches are Modular

The MS-1205 Receiving Workbench is a low cost system for basic receiving applications.

So Many Options To Meet Your Needs…

Typical Applications

The MS-1205 Receiving Workbench is a low cost system for basic manifesting applications.

The MS-1205 Receiving Workbench is used to prepare printed manifests for UPS, FED-X, RPS and other documents for shipping product. The receiving workbench contains the components which allow storage of books, and a computer system to generate all the necessary paperwork.

The metal riser provides convenient storage for a forms printer, books and the CRT screen. The Keyboard sits on the tabletop. A small drawer is provided for personnel items or supplies storage

A small scale can be placed on the tabletop.

General Specifications

  • Above and Below Receiving Workbench components can be added or deleted as required
  • Heavy Duty Receiving Workbench is adjustable in height from 29-inches to 36-inches
  • All Heavy Duty Receiving Workbench components are adjustable to accommodate the worker
  • All sheet metal components are 14-16 gauge steel.
  • Receiving Workbench supports up to 1800 lbs.
  • Receiving Workbench has rounded corners with T-molded vinyl edges for protection
  • Every Receiving Workbench is provided with the highest quality top
  • Various Table Tops Available
    1. Laminated, vinyl edged
    2. ESD
    3. Laminated, self edged
    4. Shop top
    5. Butcher block
    6. Metal
    7. Roller bearing

Key Benefits

Organize Product Flow
Create Maximum Manifest Table Storage Space
Stimulate Manifest Table Organization
Maximize Floor Space
Increase Manifest Table Efficiency
Boost Manifest Table Productivity
Raise Worker Morale
Improve Manifest Table Aesthetics

MS-1205 Receiving Workbench
  1. D-9001 Packaging Workstation 68 x 33 x 29-36"H
  2. D-9010N Metal 1-Drawer Unit
  3. KBMOUNT-2 2" Hat Channel f/ Keyboard Tray to clear 2" frame
  4. AKMOM-27 Keyboard Tray 27 x 10 c/w mouse tray & palm rest
  5. MR-6815-13 Riser 68 x 15 x 13"H

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