Safety Floor Mats

Safety floor mats are an excellent way to help workers minimize the effects of fatigue, cold floors, chemical contact, chemical spills, slip hazards, noise, static dissipation, drainage issues, and vibrations.

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410 Airug®

Low cost PVC foam workstation mat designed with anti-fatigue properties.


  • Basic anti-fatigue protection provided
  • PVC closed cell foam relieves leg and back discomfort
  • Provides a barrier to cold floors
  • Available in two thicknesses: 3/8" and 5/8"
  • All four sides are beveled to minimize trip hazards
  • Custom lengths available (2', 3', and 4' widths)

Available Colors: Gray, Black, Black/Yellow


  • Overall Thickness: 3/8", 5/8"
  • Stock Sizes: 27” x 3’ , 27” x 5’ , 2’ x 3’ , 3’ x 5’ , 3’ x 12’
  • Roll Size: 2’ x 60’ , 3’ x 60’ , 4’ x 60’ , 6’ x 60’
  • Custom Size: Available in In 2’ , 3’ , and 4’ widths (up to 60’)



419 Bubble Sof-Tred™ w/Dyna-Shield®

Durable bubble-top anti-fatigue mat made with NoTrax® exclusive Dyna-Shield® sponge.


  • NoTrax® exclusive Dyna-Shield® top surface manufactured directly into the mat for long lasting protection
  • Outperforms competitive products in tear resistance and tensile strength - extends service life by as much as 50%
  • Bubble design top surface maximizes worker comfort
  • All four sides are beveled to minimize trip hazards
  • Custom lengths available (2',3', and 4' widths)

Available Colors: Gray, Black, Black/Yellow


  • Overall Thickness: 1/2"
  • Stock Sizes: 2’x3’, 2’x6’, 3’x4’, 3’x5’, 3’x6’, 3’x12’
  • Roll Size: 2’x60’, 3’x60’, 4’x60’
  • Custom Size: Available in 2’, 3’, and 4’ widths (up to 60')


479 Cushion Trax®

Durable vinyl-top diamond-plate anti-fatigue mat for comfort and traction in tough environments.


  • Long-lasting vinyl top surface made from 100% recycled materials
  • Diamond-plate surface texture provides added traction
  • Combined with dense closed cell foam base utilizing NoTrax® exclusive UniFusion™ technology
  • UniFusion™ bond guaranteed for the life of the mat – See warranty for details
  • Sloped beveled edges to reduce trip hazards and allows easy access onto and off of mat
  • Certified by the NFSI (National Floor Safety Institute)
  • RedStop™ non-slip backing to eliminate mat slippage
  • Custom lengths available (2',3', 4' and 5' widths)
  • Splicing option available for custom widths

Available Colors: Black/Yellow, Black, Gray


  • Overall Thickness: 9/16"
  • Stock Sizes:  2’x3’, 3’x5’, 3’x12’ 
  • Roll Size: 2’x75’, 3’x75’, 4’x75’ 
  • Custom Size: Available in 2’, 3’, 4’, and 5’ widths (up to 75')


Other options are available.  Contact us for additional information.

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