Optimizing Workflow with Warehouse Tech Accessories

(05/01/18) Fulfillment centers increasingly look to IT accessories and new technologies to enhance warehouse workflow and cut overhead costs.

At Dehnco, we know what it means to Work Better. Working better means finding efficiencies without cutting corners and keeping workers’ wellbeing at the center. It means adapting to changing landscapes and problem solving in real time. The pack and ship industry has seen incredible change and growth over the years, leaving companies to make unprecedented decisions about how to keep pace while ensuring quality output.

The massive growth in the sector is due largely to the ecommerce boom over the last ten years. E-commerce sales in 2017 were estimated at $453.5 billion, up 16% from 2016 and these figures are only expected to rise. The supply chain looks nothing like it did 20 years ago, and as demand increases, order fulfillment timelines are shrinking, forcing companies to put out more -- only faster.

Fulfillment centers increasingly look to IT accessories and new technologies to enhance warehouse workflow and cut overhead costs. Integrating computers into the warehouse has simultaneously been one of the sector’s largest gains and one of its greatest challenges. At Dehnco, we understand there’s no one-size-fits-all approach. In the warehouse, productivity is directly tied to ease of flow, and the wrong tech pieces and accessories can oftentimes complicate rather than simplify a task.


For instance, it’s not uncommon for multiple workers to share a workstation -- someone in data entry who’s 6’2” might head home for the day, and someone in packaging who’s 5’4” will clock in and use the same desk. Those two jobs, for the same company, require completely different skills, physical behaviors, and desktop setup. In order to maximize efficiency -- physically and financially -- the workstation needs to be a dynamic space.  

Improving upon a system requires an understanding of how things work and how they can work better. And at Dehnco, that’s our specialty.

Dehnco’s line of IT workstation accessories is designed with flexibility and personalization in mind. For instance, our Ergo Arm is an easily adjustable computer monitor holder -- able to move vertically and horizontally to accommodate height, location, and task. Workers can customize the Ergo Arm to best suit their needs -- no longer having to crouch, bend, or crane to fit the computer setup; the Dehnco setup is adjusted to fit the employee. The arm can support a traditional monitor, touch screen, or thin client CPU -- supporting a variety of tasks from shipping and receiving to inventory management. While the Ergo Arm is a new product, it can also be retrofit to enhance your current set-up.

When technology is successfully integrated into your workstation, it not only maximizes productivity but protects workers from unnecessary strain and saves time. Consider the workstation as a primary driver and indicator of productivity, and make sure your workers are set up for success with the right workstation technology and accessories. Let Dehnco help you work better.

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