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Dehnco's Solution Concepts Library is a resource for education and inspiration.

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Warehouse and workstation equipment is a long-term investment in your business’ success. The right equipment can boost productivity, improve inefficiencies, protect your workers, and maximize throughput capacity. Investing in new equipment can provide a significant ROI, but before you make a big purchase, you’ll want to be sure you’ve identified the best equipment for the job. There are several considerations to make when selecting new warehouse equipment, and it can be difficult to know exactly what your options are or where to begin your search.

As a free resource to our dealers and clients, we’ve built an interactive Dehnco Solution Concepts Library on our website to showcase various styles, sizes, and configurations of our equipment offerings. The Solution Concepts Library is a great introduction to the Dehnco catalogue, illustrating the varied, dynamic equipment solutions we offer to our clients. Whether you’re looking for solutions for e-commerce, ship-from-store, reverse logistics, or manufacturing, we have the equipment you’ll need to get the job done.

Our Solution Concepts Library is organized into eight equipment and accessory categories: Workstation Configurations, Carton Storage, Roll Storage, Supply Storage, Drawer Storage, Technology Solutions, Protective Packaging Equipment, and Accessory Solutions. Using our search functionality, you can easily sort, view, and compare our catalogue of workstation configurations to begin your solutions search. Our catalogue is supported by over 10,000 unique configurations, and in your search you’ll have access to downloadable, wireframe design sketches and product codes for quick reference. 

We like to think of the Solution Concepts Library as a resource for education and inspiration. It’s the perfect starting point as you begin to brainstorm and conceptualize your new layout. If you’re interested in requesting more information on a specific design, you can easily reach our sales team by phone or direct message and an equipment expert will work with you, one-on-one, to determine the best solution for your situation. 


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Obtain more information on an illustration in the Solution Concepts Library

And because we understand there’s no one-size-fits-all equipment application, all of the designs in our library can be modified and customized to meet your exact specifications. We know that every warehouse and workstation is different, calling for unique, individualized solutions based on function, space, layout, and business goals. Our staff is available to work with you and your team in a consultative capacity to ensure a seamless, stress-free process. 

If you’re not even sure where to begin in the process of updating your workstation setup, we can help you get started. We’ll work with you discuss your goals, your physical space, and your budget and timeline to come up with a comprehensive equipment package that addresses your needs. Firmly understanding your business goals is the first step to making meaningful, results-driven decisions about your warehouse.

One of the biggest benefits of using Dehnco equipment is that all of our solutions are modular and adaptable. All of our equipment is designed to be compatible — making it easy to add, remove, or modify components as your business needs change. The materials handling industry moves at lightning pace, and our equipment gives your operation the flexibility to quickly adapt to meet tomorrow’s demands.

At Dehnco, we offer workstation equipment for every type of work — solutions that are built to last, designed to adapt, and backed by a lifetime warranty. Designed for efficiency and productivity, our solutions will work to support your workers, your business goals, and your entire operation from end-to-end. 

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