How To Reduce Warehouse Waste With Eco-Friendly Alternatives

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(06/14/18) At Dehnco, we’re committed to finding sustainable and eco-conscious solutions that benefit your workers, customers, and the planet.

At Dehnco, we believe that what’s good for the environment is good for business. “Going green” is more than just a trend—it’s an imperative that’s at the heart of our mission to Work Better. Over the last ten years, we’ve taken company-wide steps to completely transform our offices, operations, and manufacturing facilities into eco-conscious and sustainable work environments. We’ve been awarded for our energy reduction efforts, but the real reward for us lies in knowing we’re providing  healthier, more sustainable, and less wasteful alternatives for our workers, partners, and planet.

Our sustainability roadmap starts with our equipment manufacturing and distribution center. As a company, we’re working towards a goal of producing net zero emissions within the next ten years. In the last few years alone, we’ve made incredible strides in deceptively small ways. In our warehouse, we were able to significantly lower indoor air pollutants by hanging pothos plants throughout the facility and building a green space with a “living wall.” We have been able to improve mood, enhance morale, and cut down on energy cost and use by installing skylights throughout the warehouse. To supplement this effort, we have also replaced all of our lighting with energy efficient bulbs and a compact fluorescent lighting system with a guaranteed energy savings of over 50%. Additionally, we harvest 100% of our roof rainwater and funnel it into a series of ponds that hosts an oasis of indigenous plants. In another area of our landscaping, a 2000 gallon water tank collects rainwater to water our garden. When thinking about sustainability, we try to think clean, simple, and basic. 

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Next, we strive to make all of our products are as green as our manufacturing operations. All Dehnco products and parts are GREENGUARD certified. Each and every piece of furniture and equipment that leaves our warehouse has been tested for harmful emissions and VOCs to ensure the safety of our workers and our customers. In addition to being good for the environment, buying verified low-emission products also helps our customers build points towards obtaining their LEED-certification. In addition to being GREENGUARD certified, our materials are sustainably sourced. All of our steel contains at least 45% recycled content, and we’re dedicated to reworking and reusing our products.

Additionally, Dehnco products are engineered for the long-haul. We understand that things change—styles, needs, and spaces may evolve over time—so we make our designs are flexible and adaptable for your future needs. Instead of scrapping and replacing an entire workstation setup, we make it easy for you to swap in new components. In case you ever part ways with your equipment, we will pack it all up, in boxes made of recycled materials, and bring it back for remanufacturing at no additional cost. From there, our remanufacturing program ensures that 0% of Dehnco products will end up in a landfill, a service we pride ourselves on. 

And finally, we look to reduce waste in our clients pack and ship operations. At Dehnco, we have consulting experts that can help you use your equipment in the most efficient way possible. Our industry isn’t known for being the most eco-friendly – according to the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), Americans generated about 254 million tons of trash in 2013, with packaging materials accounting for approximately 40 percent of that waste.  At Dehnco, our experts can point you toward more sustainable solutions to help reduce waste. For instance, we encourage our clients to supply their pack-and-ship stations with biodegradable, compostable and recycle-friendly materials. Pack items as efficiently and safely as possible; keep individual packages small and ship in bulk when possible. 

More and more businesses are feeling pressure and social responsibility to reduce their eco footprint and implement green strategies. At Dehnco, we’re committed to finding sustainable and eco-conscious solutions that benefit your workers, customers, and the planet. Dehnco equipment is custom engineered for longevity and sustainability; we’re committed to quality and re-usability and we want to be your partners for your green endeavors.

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