Covid-19 Corporate Update

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(03/25/20) Covid-19 Corporate Update



Dehnco has been asked to remain open to support a number of customers in the Pharmaceutical, Logistics, Distribution, and E-commerce industries, that require our services, products, and support to maintain their abilities to respond to the current circumstances.  As such we will remain open and available to respond to any of our customers along with any specific production needs that may arise moving forward.

We have taken a number of measures to ensure the safety and health of our Team Members.  In addition to all recommended protocols provided by the CDC we are taking the following Steps:

All non-production related Team Members are currently working remotely in response to the CDC’s recommendation for social distancing.  Our phone systems are VOIP based allowing our regular numbers and extensions to work seamlessly, again, regardless of a Team members location. 

We are continuing to work with our Production Teams to ensure their safety and health and have not seen any impact on our ability to service our customers.  We have implemented a number of internal safety policies which include:

  • No travel between facilities
  • Teams work only in their designated work areas
  • Dis-Infecting workstations/machines/equipment prior to and post starting/stopping work
  • Production Teams have been split up and rotate to ensure continuity should a Team member be exposed or test positive for COVID-19.  Any Team member that is exposed to or becomes ill will trigger our internal safety measures and result in that entire Team being sent home and self-quarantined
  • Production Teams are staggering Breaks in compliance with social distancing protocols
  • Breaks are staggered between multiple areas of our facility to allow cleaning after an area is    used
  • Maintenance are continuously wiping down door handles and surfaces that are commonly touched

Supply Chain
We utilize ALL local suppliers for our raw materials and do not rely on any imported materials for production.  We are confident in our ability to continue producing and shipping. Our Steel is sourced primarily from Mills in Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario, Canada.  We have a number of prime suppliers with back up sources should we need them.  All other materials and supplies are currently stocked in our facility and are readily available from our suppliers.  We are in daily communication with our Vendors to receive updates and assess any issues. We do not anticipate any unusual impacts on production at this time.

  • ALL Deliveries and packages are being received only at our dock locations and drivers are asked to remain outside the building while trailers are loaded/unloaded.

We are in continuous contact with our freight vendors.  Currently, we have no disruption to our transportation channels.  While the U.S. and Canadian Borders are closed for non-essential travel for citizens, the borders are fully open for commerce and trade.  We do not anticipate any unusual impacts at this time

Corporate/Administration/Production Sites
We have, for the time being, suspended any corporate travel for sales meetings, conferences, events, and are dealing with any service issues as they arise through our normal service channels.  We are available, as always, for phone calls, voice conferencing, and virtual meetings.

We are monitoring the updates from the CDC and other government agencies closely. Our hope is that by proactively sharing our plans it will ease any concerns or questions you may have. Should you have any follow-up questions regarding this subject, please feel free to reach out to me directly at

Thank you,

Jeff Dehnert

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