Overhead Workstation Roll Storage Components

Dehnco Workbench Parts are Modular

Dehnco Workbench Parts provide for storage, dispensing and cutting of roll material.

So Many Options To Meet Your Needs…

Typical Applications

Dehnco Workbench Parts provide for storage, dispensing and cutting of roll material.

These above Workbench Parts can be mounted to the uprights in any Order. They slide on the uprights for ergonomic positioning.

Dehnco Workbench Parts can be used to upgrade existing tables and benches.

Workbench Parts allow the workstation to be designed specifically to meet the exact needs of the task being preformed.

A wide selection of other modular parts is available to make a workbench more efficient and productive.

General Specifications

  • All Workbench Parts are constructed for the strenth and safety.
  • Dehnco Workbench Parts provide storage for various types of roll material.
  • Dehnco Workbench Parts allow workstations to be quickly upgraded.
  • Above and below Parts can be added or deleted as required.
  • Workbench Parts are adjustable to accommodate the worker.
  • All sheet metal Parts are 14-16 gauge steel
  • Various Table Tops Available
    1. Laminated, vinyl edged
    2. ESD
    3. Laminated, self edged
    4. Shop top
    5. Butcher block
    6. Metal
    7. Roller bearing

Key Benefits

Organize Product Flow
Organize Product Flow
Create Maximum Workbench Parts Storage Space
Stimulate Workbench Parts Organization
Maximize Floor Space
Increase Workbench Parts Efficiency
Boost Workbench Parts Productivity
Raise Worker Morale
Improve Workbench Parts Aesthetics

Overhead Workstation Roll Storage Components
  2. D-9087 LABEL / RIBBON BAR 26"L, 1-1/4" DIAM
  3. D-9037 TOTE BIN RAIL
  4. D-9030 ROLL BAR KIT

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