Technology (IT) Accessories

Dehnco provides innovative products and solutions for handling your technology equipment in a manner that optimizes efficiency and ergonomics according to the device being used, who is using the device, how often they interact with it, and where it is located.

Arm Types

Straight Swing Arm (long or short) (KF-85)
Easily swing back arm to free up space for other activities.

Articulating Arm (long or short) (KF-85-8ARM)
Easily retract arm to free up space for other activities.

Ergo Arm - Adjust on Demand

Easily retract arm to free up space for other activities and adjust height as needed.

Technology Equipment

Flat Screen Mount with Adjustable Arm (D-9085-KFS)

Monitor Holder

Articulating Arm (long or short) (KF-85-8ARM)

Monitor Holder


Under Table CPU Holder (CPU-2)

Thin Client CPU Holder


Post Mounted CPU Holder
(CPU-2 &

Keyboard Holders



Under Shelf Pull Out

Under Table Pull Out
(KBPO-22 & KB-MOUNT-2)

Combined Monitor and Keyboard Holders

Can accommodate multiple keyboard types and includes a thin client holder.

Standard Size

Standard Size

Custom Size

Custom Size

Scanner Holders





Smart Device & Miscellaneous Holders

Smart Device Holder

Smart Device Holder

Miscellaneous Equipment

We Will Help You Identify and Position the Appropriate Technology Accessory

Technology location will vary based on flow, work space, location of supplies, worker height, and frequency of interactions.



Contact a Dehnco Solutions Engineer to discuss your options.

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