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Included Components:

(1) D-9060 Carton Storage Rack

Carton Rack Key Benefits

  • Organize Product Flow
  • Create Maximum Carton Rack Storage Space
  • Stimulate Carton Rack Organization
  • Maximize Floor Space
  • Increase Carton Rack Efficiency
  • Boost Carton Rack Productivity
  • Raise Worker Morale
  • Improve Carton Rack Aesthetics

Typical Application:

The D-9060 Carton Rack is a small stand alone unit designed to store up to 4 carton sizes up to 72-inches x 42-inches (flat size). The carton rack is also ideal for storing smaller size cartons under tables and benches or in small areas.

The sturdy ½ -inch solid rod wire dividers support heavier weights. The solid 2-inch Square welded frame provides a solid base to support up to 800 pounds. Casters can Be added to the frame to make the carton rack portable.

The rack is ideal for packing areas or in production where larger rectangular items Need to be stored.

General Specifications:

  • Above and Below Carton Rack components can be added or deleted as required.
  • Other components are available for additional storage requirements.
  • All Carton Rack components are adjustable to accommodate the worker
  • All sheet metal components are 14-16 gauge steel.
  • Carton Rack supports up to 800 lbs.
  • Carton Rack frame assemblies come in 1 1/2-inch or 2-inch square tubular steel
  • Carton Rack is easy to assemble.
  • Casters can be added to a Carton Rack to make it portable

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