Mailroom Bench - Supervisors Desk

Dehnco modular Mailroom Furniture Components can be added to or deleted from Mailroom Furniture Systems to make them more ergonomically correct for your specific mailroom furniture systems application requirements.

Typical Applications

This mailroom bench is designed specifically for a basic supervisor work station. The indented legs allow for clear knee space on both sides.

The supervisor's desk comes with a hanging 2 drawer pedestal containing an upper storage drawer and a lower file drawer. The module can be mounted on either side of the mailroom bench.

Additional accessories are available to increase storage space or to adapt the bench to specific requirements.

General Specifications

    Key Benefits

    Organize Mailroom Bench Product Flow
    Create Maximum Mailroom Bench Storage Space
    Stimulate Mailroom Bench Organization
    Maximize Floor Space
    Increase Mailroom Bench Efficiency
    Boost Mailroom Bench Productivity
    Raise Worker Morale
    Improve Mailroom Bench Aesthetics

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    Dwayne Johnson
    Piedmont National Corporation

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