Mailroom Layouts - Back-To-Back Configurations

Dehnco modular Mailroom Furniture Components can be added to or deleted from Mailroom Furniture Systems to make them more ergonomically correct for your specific mailroom furniture systems application requirements.

Typical Applications

Back-to-Back Mailroom Layouts are available in two styles. Two tables with sorters can simply be placed back-to-back. This is the conventional method. It is very efficient and provides for many openings in confined spaces.

However to maximize the number of openings in a small space, one table can support two sorting systems placed back-to-back on the common tabletop. The footprint of this configuration is small and compact.

General Specifications

  • Two options of Back-to-Back Configuration Mailroom Layouts are available. Two tables with sorter modules can be simply placed back to back. (SEE PHOTO)
  • In other Mailroom Layouts, one table can hold two sets of sorters back to back to make floor space more efficient. (See 3d Drawing # 1)
  • Back-to-Back Mailroom Layouts can be placed in line, parallel, or in line and parallel to maximize the use of floor space and create the maximum number of sorting openings in the space available. (See Drawing # 4)
  • Above and below table modular components can be added or deleted as required.
  • All sheet metal components 14-16 gauge steel
  • Components are all adjustable to accommodate the worker.
  • A Dehnco Mailroom Table supports up to 1500 lbs

Key Benefits

Organize Mailroom Layouts Product Flow
Create Mailroom Layouts Storage Space
Stimulate Mailroom LayoutsOrganization
Maximize Floor Space
Increase Mailroom Layouts Efficiency
Boost Mailroom Layouts Productivity
Raise Worker Morale
Improve Mailroom Layouts Aesthetics

Back-To-Back Design Configuration 1

Back-To-Back Design Configuration 2

Back-To-Back Design Configuration 3

Back-To-Back Design Configuration 4

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