D-9006 Lifting Tables

Dehnco Lifting Tables are Modular

D-9006 Lifting Tables can be adjusted in height by simply turning the hand crank.

So Many Options To Meet Your Needs…

Typical Applications

D-9006 Lifting Tables can be adjusted in height by simply turning the hand crank. The Lifting Tables are typically used for physically challenged workers or in applications where the table height has to be adjusted on a regular basis. The Table top lifts independently to other components on the table.

The ergonomic size of the lifting tables, 68-inches x 33-inches, is ideal for the typical worker. The rounded, T-molded edges, on the tops, protect the corners from edge damage and the worker from hitting sharp corners.

A wide selection of modular parts is available to attach to the tables and make them more efficient and productive.

General Specifications

  • D-9006 Lifting Tables leg assemblies are made of 1 1/2-inch square tubular steel
  • The legs contain leveling screws to fine adjust for uneven floors.
  • Lifting Tables are adjustable in height from 29-inches to 36-inches
  • The frames on D-9006 Lifting Tables are welded and contain side panels to enclose the lifting mechanism
  • All Tables are provided with the highest quality laminate tops
  • All Dehnco Lifting Tables have rounded corners with T-molded vinyl edges for protection
  • Dehnco Lifting Tables are easy to assemble
  • D-9007 Lifting Tables support up to 500 lbs., evenly distributed the table surface
  • Above and Below Table components can be added or deleted as required.
  • Lifting Table components are adjustable to accommodate the worker
  • All sheet metal components are 14-16 gauge steel

Key Benefits

Organize Lifting Tables Product Flow
Create Maximum Lifting Tables Storage Space
Stimulate Organization
Maximize Floor Space
Increase Lifting Tables Efficiency
Boost Lifting Table Productivity
Raise Worker Morale
Improve Aesthetics of your Lifting Tables

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