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Included Components:

TSRC-3044 30-inches Rotary Shear Cutter
TSRC-4054 40-inches Score Compression Cutter
TSRC-5064 50-inches Score Compression Cutter
TSRC-6074 60-inches Pneumatic Driven Cutters
TSRC-7286 72-inches Stand Alone Storage

Table Roll Stand Key Benefits

  • Organize Product Flow
  • Create Maximum Wall Roll Stand Storage Space
  • Stimulate Wall Roll Stand Storage Organization
  • Maximize Wall Roll Stand Space
  • Increase Wall Roll Stand Storage Efficiency
  • Boost Wall Roll Stand Storage Productivity
  • Raise Worker Morale
  • Improve Wall Stand Storage Aesthetics

Typical Application:

The Dehnco Wall Roll Stand is used to store rolls of material on any vertical surface to keep it off the floor or table. The base and uprights supports bolt into any flat surface. The cantilever arms are available to hold roll diameters up to 24-inches.

Rolls mount onto removable roll bar. The bar rests in sturdy notches in the arm. The system is a low cost way to put roll material within easy reach.

Stands are ruggedly constructed for long life.

General Specifications:

  • The Wall Roll Stand can be used with any Dehnco rotary shear, AP "Advanced Performance" cutter or as a stand alone system.
  • The Dehnco Wall Roll Stand will accommodate rolls of material up to 60" wide and 24" in diameter.
  • Stand is constructed of formed metal components which supports up to 100 pounds. It can be mounte on any flat surface.
  • The uprights of the Wall Roll Stand are adjustable in height to allow the leading edge of the material to be at the most ergonomic position for the worker.
  • Casters are available to make the wall roll stand stand portable.

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