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Included Components:

Part #  
D-9200 Upright
D-1111 Swivel Arm Assembly

Ceiling Roll Storage Key Benefits

  • Organize Product Flow
  • Create Ceiling Roll Storage Space
  • Stimulate Ceiling Roll Storage Organization
  • Maximize Ceiling Roll Storage Space
  • Increase Ceiling Roll Storage Efficiency
  • Boost Ceiling Roll Storage Productivity
  • Raise Worker Morale
  • Improve Ceiling Roll Storage Aesthetics

Typical Application:

Dehnco Ceiling Roll Storage is used to store rolls of material on any vertical surface to keep it off the floor or table. The base and uprights supports bolt into any flat surface. The cantilever swivel arm holds roll material up to 48-inches long by 48-inches in diameter

Rolls mount onto square swivel roll bar. The bar rests in sturdy notches in the frame. The system is a low cost way to put roll material within easy reach.

Stands are ruggedly constructed for long life.

General Specifications:

  • The Dehnco Ceiling Roll Storage will accommodate rolls of material up to 48" wide and 48" in diameter.
  • Stand is constructed of 1 1/2", 16 gauge square steel tubing and supports up to 300 pounds. Mounting plate allows attachment to ceiling structure

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