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Rotary Shear Cutting Technology Cuts:
Paper - Plastic - Bubble - Foam - Fiberglass - Tyvek - Vinyl - Insulation - Foil


Rotary Shear Cutting Technology Key Benefits

  • Organize Rotary Shear Cutting Operations
  • Minimize Rotary Shear Cutting Storage Space
  • Stimulate Organization
  • Maximize Floor Space
  • Increase Rotary Shear Cutting Efficiency
  • Boost Rotary Shear Cutting Productivity
  • Raise Worker Morale
  • Improve Aesthetics of Rotary Shear Cutting Operations

Typical Application:

Rotary Shear Cutting Technology is achieved by positioning the flat side of the rotary cutter blade against a precision machined groove in the base of the cutter frame.

As the blade rotates along the groove, the material is sheared cleanly and efficiently.

General Specifications:

  • Rotary Shear Cutting Technology is easy to operate and ruggedly constructed for long life.
  • Rotary Shear Cutting Technology can be easily mounted in-line with existing roll storage or can be integrated into any Dehnco table or roll storage system.
  • Rotary Shear Cutting Technology cuts both directions and has a one year functional guarantee.
  • A built-in roller and separator system accommodates and facilitates the dispensing of up to three rolls of material.
  • The Rotary Shear Cutting Technology blades are durable, easy to replace and can be sharpened many times.
  • Cutters are easy and safe to operate.
  • Rotary Shear Cutting Technology can be equipped to operate with Dehnco pneumatic drive systems.

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